How to get organized before releasing a song

You need to be very organized before you release a song so that you don’t waste precious time hunting around for files.

Therefore, create an assets folder so that you’re organized. Within your single/EP/album consider using subfolders.

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For cover artwork: have different sizes: 3000×3000 for iTunes, 1400×1400 for Bandcamp; plus a lo-res version with and without title headings.
For audio: have WAV, 320 and 192 kbps versions; stems; instrumental versions etc.
For video: official video, trailer, behind the scenes footage.
For text: lyrics and blogs/posts/articles or online interview/quotes about your project.

If you want to know more about juicing up your MP3’s with essential metadata for synch opportunities, let me know and I’ll do a post when I get a chance.

As you may guess, I’m using a forthcoming single EP “Pocketful of Sand” as a guinea pig. The video trailer is in my bio on my main IG account ‘Theleens’ and the official video is out May 19th. There are heaps of things to tell you about video optimization (thumbnails, descriptions, tags, keywords) if you’d like me to do a post.

Please give me any suggestions as my posts are based on my own experience and, therefore, the distilling of information adopted from reading hundreds of articles. It’s all about minding the gap.


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