Home music videos – what is the number one way to focus the viewer?


Instagram (IG) is a great platform for musicians. There are a great many IG sites that offer opportunities for indie musicians to submit their video in the hope of raising awareness of their creative talent. You have a fantastic voice, play brilliant guitar, have an engaging face but one simple thing can let you down: the scene.

Very often musicians, singers, singer-songwriters do home videos. There’s nothing wrong with home videos but seeing the laundry on a shelf, clothes lying on a bed, toys on the ground or any other distractions are just that: distractions. They take the viewer out of their reverie.


Do a few simple things:
1. Imagine you’re doing a mini concert and create a simple stage so that folks can focus on you.
2. If you are going to have elements in the background think about whether they relate to you or tell something about you. I sometimes use my own metal photos in the background, or a cubist painting I like. Both convey originality, which is what our songwriting/singing/playing is all about, no?
3. Avoid wide angle shots that show the rest of your room, like the curtains or ornaments on the window shelf.
4. If you’re on a budget (i.e. none), use natural light whenever you can unless you’re intentionally wanting to create a moody atmosphere to support the song.

For more detailed ‘next steps’, Videomaker has a great article about making a music video.


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