Core branding: The Brand Wheel

We all know it’s important to have a social media presence but you should not over rely on these ‘borrowed’ websites.

You and a million other musicians have a social media presence, so how are you going to stand out effectively? What if, say, one or more of these sites disappeared tomorrow, how would new listeners discover you? The answer is simple: have your own website dedicated to your music, with its own look and feel and which conveys who you are as a person and as an artist.


Try to keep the image of a ‘Brand Wheel’ in your mind’s eye (see below) as you constantly remind people while you’re posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. (outer) that you have a place of your own where they can hang out with you (inner).


Now look at the final image with the red circles. This is the same Brand Wheel but now we can see it in the context of your website versus other sites on which you have a presence. Your website is Brand HQ, it’s at the core of what you’re about. The other sites are important but they are satellite. I have shown the Big Four for illustrative purposes.


In short, your website is the single most important marketing tool you possesses.

The images work for me, do they work for you or do other images come to mind?

Mind the Music Gap!

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