What do the 3 Musketeers have to do with getting my music heard?


The phrase “all for one and all for one” comes to mind when talking of link shortener smartURL. If you think they’re similar to Bit.ly, they are massively different, and here’s why.


The original smartURL feature is a link you create to share your music with your fans. You upload your iTunes link of a new song/album and Smart URL goes away and finds all the other iTunes links from around the world and uploads them too. When you share the link and someone, say, in Japan clicks on the link, they will ONLY see their country-specific iTunes link. You can also add other retailers or streaming providers – Spotify, Amazon, Google Play – from a drop-down list.

“One link that redirects by country and device. smartURL combines all the features previously found in Country, Device and Music types”.

The company Smarturl.it went one huge step further. They created Pivot URL (see example in slideshow).  This is a ‘landing page’ that features retailers & streaming providers specific to their country, but also your cover artwork and a video or Spotify player. If retailers are unavailable in a specific country or device, they won’t appear.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How to create a Pivot landing page:

  1. After you create an account, select ‘Pivot’
  2. Enter an iTunes URL – this will automatically pull product information and will generate links for Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify
  3. Enter your artwork and your video URL or Spotify uri

So, you now have a smartURL.  In your YouTube video, add this link into the description field; add to your blog, your website. There are loads of possibilities. You’re also given social network-friendly links to share (pic 10). Pretty damn good if you ask me.


Let me know how you get on. These posts take many hours to do, so it would be great to hear if they’re useful or you’re passing on the word to other musicians.

Mind the Music Gap!


2 thoughts on “What do the 3 Musketeers have to do with getting my music heard?

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  1. Hi Kathy–just wanted to say thanks for this and your other Mind the Music Gap articles. Hugely helpful!! I was specifically looking for info on the pivot table and this was by far the clearest and easiest explanation of how to use it. I so appreciate all the time and work you’ve put into these articles. Thanks so very much!


    PS: Hope you are enjoying Edinburgh–we miss you in the CT scene! But hoping Glenn (Roth) and I get to head your way at some point!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Grace, thanks for commenting about my posts. Edinburgh is treating me just fine and the door is always open. I’m playing at The Horseshoe on June 17 if you and Glenn are around.


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