You’re now a verified Spotify artist but can’t add your Artist Playlists? Here’s how.

If you have recently become a verified Spotify artist, congratulations! Now you can change your header, your profile image and add Artist Playlists. For further information on how to maximize this newly found ownership go to the Spotify for Artists FAQ.

With regard to adding Playlist, go the ‘Profile’ tab and you’ll see ‘How do I post an artist playlist to my profile?’.

Spotify support page-about-artist-playlists


Notice that the above steps talk about your Spotify versus Spotify for Artists accounts. The first account is the music-playing end of Spotify, the front end.  The latter is your admin site or back end i.e. where you make all the edits to your artist’s page.  Therefore, to add a Playlist, create or add an existing playlist on Spotify, then go to theback end to add your Artist Playlist.

IF when following the above instructions none of your Playlists is visible under the Artists Playlist section – even when you start to type your chosen playlist – don’t worry.

@Spotifycares confirmed that you can instead copy thePlaylist URI by clicking on the three dots below the playlist title, clicking ‘share’ and selecting ‘URI’.

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Once copied, go to your ‘Spotify for Artist‘ account and paste the URI into the Playlist field. You’ll see in the example below that as soon as you paste in the URI, the Playlist Title appears.


If you still have problems, go to @spotifycares on Twitter and Direct Message them. They are extremely fast and can fix the issue in no time.

That’s it. You might find the Music Biz Weekly video podcast about Spotify interesting. Let me know how you get on.

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