Mobile iMovie: 3 in-your-face tips to create professional music videos

NEXIO 8mm Vintage Camera app

iMovie is great for putting together videos of live gigs, home video recordings but can do so much more when you combine it with the maze of third party video apps out there.

After running out of money, director Malik Bendjelloul finished shooting the Oscar-nominated documentary Searching For Sugar Man on an iPhone app using Nexio’s 8mm Vintage Camera app (for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad) priced $1.99.

Searching For Sugar Man (Orange)

Simple to use, it has 7 lenses and 11 retro and aged films. I’m nowhere near this stage of professionalism but here is an example of footage shot with the app.

In sunny weather, when you can’t see your iPhone screen well because of sun glare, you can use an anti-glare screen protector for less than $7, or a viewfinder that I’ll mention at the end of this post.

Adding end credits to your video

So you’ve shot your video footage on your iPhone but want to create an outro slide to show your website URL. iMovie lets you upload photos and videos but on its mobile version has no  ‘Titles’ options. Therefore, here’s a simple common-sense fix. Take a square photo of something black in your house. I used an IKEA box lid, but it could be anything. (If you need to make it really black, use Snapseed’s ‘brush’ tool, select ‘Exposure’ -1.0 and brush all over the screen with your finger. Use the ‘eye’ icon to see what you’re doing. Then, use the text tool and type in your website URL). The same applies for doing an all-white version.

Once done, save it to your Camera Roll, which will then place it on your iPhone. Then, when you’re in iMovie and you want to add a photo, you can navigate to your Camera Roll. Eh voilá.

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Whether Shooting Video with DSLR’S or iPhone – Meet the SWIVI VIEWFINDER

When using the 8mm Vintage Camera App, another plus is that only two-thirds of your iPhone LCD display are used. This can be a 100% positive when using this app because, if any of you know the frustration of screen glare when trying to shoot video on your mobile, it’s impossible to find something on the market – assuming you’re on a budget – that lets you shoot, yet equally let’s you see what you’re doing while filming. Summer’s here and so is the sun. You get my drift?

Combined with the Swivi Viewfinder – that’s marketed for DSLR’s (thus the price tag of $129-149) it also works on an iPhone. Yes, The viewfinder frees you from sun glare (flip up the eyepiece) AND lets you see your footage magnified when filming (eyepiece unflipped). The mounting plate is provided.

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If you’re serious about shooting film on a budget while remaining professional, then consider this peripheral for your iPhone in conjunction with the 8mm app and a Tripod Mount Clip Cell Phone Holder priced $6.99.

Or, you can use it with your DSLR camera. There are heaps of videos on YouTube demonstrating its power.

These posts take time to create, so please leave comments/feedback. Back to recording music for me but in the meantime…

Mind the Music Gap!


PS, these are my own views. I receive no promos or payment for suggesting these tools.

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