My music on the Billboard Charts? How? Meet Soundscan

If you’re not already aware, a unique ISRC code is assigned to each song you release publicly. It is permanently encoded into your recording or uploaded along with your song when using a digital distributor, Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc. The code ensures your song is identifiable so that collecting societies can track and claim royalties on your behalf. Most digital distributors provide these for free.

If you want to be your own manager of these codes, read the blog post below.

As part of this tracking “SoundScan tracks sales of music and music video products throughout the United States and Canada. Any music product that carries a UPC or EAN barcode and ISRC code is eligible to be tracked by SoundScan.” Source:

Although you may have posted your songs with a digital distributor or sites like Bandcamp, they each vary in offering this registration service. Therefore, go ahead and register your albums/EP’s/Singles. It’s free and easy to do.

Firstly, ensure you have your artist name, song titles and UPC and ISRC codes at the ready to complete their form (see below). If you are self-releasing, put ‘Independent’ in the ‘Label’ field (highlighted in red below).  The other field titles are self-explanatory.


If you want to check if your titles have already been registered, there is a number and email address on the right-hand side of their Title Registration Page. For ease, see below:

Phone: (646) 654-5396; Email: They are super friendly and fast!

And that’s it!

Please share with your music community if you feel they could do with hearing this info. And…

Mind the Music Gap!




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