How can I get more YouTube subscribers to my Channel in one non-spammy step?

You see these titles all the time on the internet “Get more subscribers fast!”; “20 ways to get more subscribers”; 10 tips on getting your first 1000 subscribers” etc. Well, this tip is not spam, it’s not about buying followers or anything like that. It’s simply about using a variation of your Channel’s URL.

Let’s jump right in.

Here’s my YouTube Channel subscribe link:

Simply replace ‘LeenieM100’ with your channel name and share it on all your socials, website or blog.

Now, whenever anyone clicks on the link it not only takes them to your YouTube Channel but a ‘Subscribe’ button will pop up straight away, as shown in the image below.


You can go one step further by putting your revised Channel URL into a LINK SHORTENER like or smartURLsmartURL to create an alias title, so it’s easier for folks to read or to remember. My shortened version is


Before trying it out, make sure you’re first signed out of YouTube. Please share with the music community if you feel it will help other friends so we can all become better informed so as to…

Mind The Music Gap!

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