The future’s bright, the future’s Eventbrite



Eventbrite creates events for your PAID shows/gigs. The overview below illustrates how far the tool can flow through to all your musician sites. However, use it also for FREE events and you can obtain email addresses of new fans. That’s a major opportunity that is so often overlooked.



Subsequent MTMG posts on Instagram and will talk about each of the five major apps/tools shown above. The order shown of these big five – Songkick, Facebook, Bandsintown, your website and Sonicbids – reflects the global reach.

There are many disjointed articles out there about maximizing on your events. The first thing is clear. You need to publish every event/gig/show at which you are performing.


Integrates with: your Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud sites, the Hype Machine and YouTube (cards) on your videos. Songkick has both an artist and an end user app. Users use the app to find gigs near them.


Flows through to: your Facebook musician ‘Page’ and is fed by Eventbrite’s option to create a Facebook event immediately after you’ve created your Eventbrite event.


Flows through to: the user app. Bandsintown has both an artist and an end user app. Users use the app to find gigs near them.

Your Website

Flows through to: your events/gigs/shows page if you paste in your Eventbrite event’s URL


Flows through to: your Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

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NEXT POST: Eventbrite with Facebook

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