How Can I Maximise my Bio Link on Instagram?

I came upon Linktree after looking at an Instagram post of Dunna, a ‘musician, vlogger, photographer, producer, recording engineer, business owner, and all around happy guy!’. Dunna offers some great tips on audio and video production.

Anyways, I clicked on his bio link thinking I was going to his website. I didn’t pay attention to the actual nomenclature of the link. Once I clicked on the link I was presented with a series of banners listing each of the different things Dunna was suggesting you watch, read, hear or check out. I clicked on several of his links that took me to Facebook, YouTube, specific videos and more.

I loved it, so I checked out the stem of and took a peak at linktree. The basic version is free and really is as easy as 1-2-3 to add as many links as you want. You sign up with your Instagram account. Linktree then uses your Instagram username in the URL it creates for you. Mine is

Once you register you will receive an email welcoming you to linktree in which you’ll find a link that will take you to a page showing you how to add your personalised URL.

I was up and running in 5-10 minutes.

The Pro account ($6 USD per month) allows you to integrate with MailChimp. Here are just a few of its features.

  • Get help quickly with priority support.
  • Capture your visitors’ email addresses with the email/newsletter signup integration.
  • More Linktree themes.
  • Remove Linktree branding.
  • See a day-by-day breakdown of link traffic.

If you think this is useful, please share with music friends. We’re all trying to make each other smarter so that we … Mind the Music Gap!

linktree_kathy muir_theleens_instagram



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