The Business Purpose of an EPK and How To Make One

EPK’s – What are they?

Shades of Solveig provides a great description in their blog post entitled 8 MUST-HAVE THINGS FOR YOUR BAND EPK AND WHERE TO PUT THEM.

“An EPK (Electronic Press Kit is an online, electronic version of the physical, paper information folder that was sent out in the old days by managers (now often by artists and bands themselves) to

Venues and festival bookers
Reviewers and reporters
Radio stations or podcasters”

Despite this article being a few years old, it is still very relevant, as is a blog post by digital service provider Tunecore.  Tunecore highlights why EPK’s as PDF’s is a mistake.  Their article was so helpful that I decided to make one.

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TIPS in WordPress

  • The Soundcloud Music Player is very easy to embed. Click on your chosen song or playlist, click ‘Share’ then select the “Embed” tab and copy the code. In WordPress, change the Editor View from Visual to Text and paste your code.
  • For Photos, either upload hi-res photos specifically for your EPK or when you upload a lo-res photo make sure when the viewer clicks on it, that they are then navigated to a Dropbox folder.

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  • For Video use the thumbnail you had for each of your videos and post it. Then, using the same step as above, add a link to your video.
  • GigsSongkick and Bandsintown are the go-to sites for music fans to find artists in their area. If you’re a musician who performs, you should be using the Manager version of at least one of these services and not rely solely on Facebook. Bandsintown Manager and Songkick Tourbox each provide an embed code. I found Songkick to be the easiest to use.

If you want to use a Third party provider instead of doing it yourself, check out CyberPR’s article about killer apps to make EPKs.

If you have found articles that you think useful please share them in the comments box below and any experiences you have had yourself.

If you think this is useful, please share with music friends. We’re all trying to make each other smarter so that we … Mind the Music Gap!

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